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"The Science Of Being Great" by Wallace D. Wattles

This book is an absolute masterpiece. Wallace Wattles has inspired countless authors, speakers, and coaches. He also inspired the hit movie "The Secret" and is one of the most frequently quoted authors in the movie. In "The Science of Being Great", Wallace Wattles shares secrets and techniques for unleashing the greatness within each of us. This book gives you the tools to live a life filled with more abundance, success, and prosperity. If you are serious about living a life of abundance, this book is a "MUST READ."

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Would you like to receive inspirational quotes meant to inspire, motivate, and empower YOU each day from some of the world's greatest minds? We hand selected only the best quotes and we send one to your inbox each day. These messages are designed to help you start your day off in an abundance mindset and we don't send you any advertisements with them ... just great content.

LAI Original Programs

We've had the priveledge, over the last decade, to work with many of today's leaders in the field of human potential. When you work with these individuals it's only natural to pick up what they are putting down. So, we have also created original programs which are unique translations of powerful concepts that can improve your life.

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Because of the relationships we have built in the self help industry, we have the opportunity to bring you powerful lessons from some of those big names. These lessons are available exclusively at LAI. In fact, many times these lessons have only been available to paying students but here at LAI, you get them for FREE.

LAI Abundance Videos / Audios Archive

We are constantly studying, researching, and learning new things. As we go through this process, we often come across materials that we believe will be useful for you too. Many times these materials are videos and audios. When we find videos / audios that can be shared with you for FREE, we post them on the site. So you learn as we learn and the list will grow as we post more.

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